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What Our Puppy Owner's
Are Saying


We got Joey from Sayler Farms in March 2022. My husband and I made the decision to add our first dog to the family and we had always wanted a golden. We found Sayler Farms on Good Dog and from there everything went smoothly. We FaceTimed and based on our discussions, Stacie recommended who she believed would best suit our family and then we also got to visit the pups in person where we made our final choice on Joey.

It was overall a great experience, and you can tell all the pups are very well cared for in a great environment and loved on everyday.

It is always amazing to find a great breeder who does everything right & also visibly loves what they do. Joey is the best addition to our family.     ~ L. Nayberger   


...In my research I was looking at breeders all over Oregon and Washington and then someone on a local dog Facebook page recommended The Sayler Farm right here in Walla Walla!

After exploring their website and the link to I sent Stacie an inquiry via email and was surprised to find out she would have available puppies very soon...Because I was local I was able to go visit when they were old enough for visitors and of course fell in love!

August came home with me in March 2022 and has been such a lovable sweetheart and added so much to my home. People always comment what a beautiful dog he is! He's still a puppy and pretty excitable sometimes, but is such a typical loving, goofball golden! I have frequent contact with Stacie and felt so fortunate to have such a wonderful, knowledgeable resource so close at hand to help get me through puppyhood.

Stacie and her family have a beautiful little farm where they raise goats and goldens and also have chickens and horses. The whole family is involved in 4-H and Stacie serves as a local 4-H leader. Their golden puppies are raised right in their dining room where they get 24-hour attention right up to their Gotcha Day. Each of their breeding dogs have full health and DNA clearances and are primarily sired by dogs from another top-notch breeder I had been considering.

I would not hesitate to recommend getting a golden puppy from the Sayler’s. They especially loved and highly socialized with her other pets and family from the minute the are born. Every care is taken to make sure the momma and puppies have everything single thing they need.     ~ K. Campbell   


I would highly recommend The Sayler Farm. Careful research into the best possible father for their puppies has proven to produce the best puppies genetically. They use the program "Puppy Culture" from the time they are born until the are ready for you to take them home with you providing the puppies with the correct stimulation and social skills at just the right time. Sayler's have children so the puppies are used to being around children. They are also introduced to farm animals they have on their farm. The puppies are introduced to being groomed and traveling in a vehicle. They introduce them to a kennel and start the potty training. The most important thing is all the LOVE the puppies are given. It is truly a joy to have gotten the chance to get a puppy from The Sayler Farm. It is nice to hear, "What a well behaved dog you have," when you take them somewhere with you. You must work with your dog and love them to death even when they aren't perfect, but the Saylers work as a team in the first 8-9 weeks of the puppies lives to provide a superior dog for you. Stacie is always a phone call away if I have questions or need encouragement or need to brag about something my puppy accomplished. She loves to take pictures of the puppies so you can see what they are up to each week. My husband and I are the proud owners of "Sweet Willow" and wouldn't trade her for anything! ~ R. Erbenick

This is an incredible family dedicated to quality, health-tested, family friendly Golden’s. They are raised in their home and cuddled and loved since birth... It is great to see a breeder who is so committed to quality and health as well as matching the right puppy with the right family. I would highly recommend the Sayler’s for all their amazing animals!     ~ S. Compston


We reached out to the Sayler’s after a friend of ours had brought home a puppy a few years back. When we learned of the attention to health details, the time and dedication that the Sayler’s invest into their puppies from the beginning of life and their commitment to providing education to their clients, we knew we needed a pup from them! Two and half years later, we cannot recommend them enough. Goose was the best addition to our family, and any future puppies will be coming from the Sayler’s!     ~ J. Downs   


After looking at information about several breeders of Golden Retrievers in Washington, we chose to get a puppy from the Sayler Farm, and we have not regretted that decision for a moment. It was very reassuring to know that both parents had been tested for hips, eyes, heart, elbows and were certified as healthy individuals. From day 1 after their birth the puppies were carefully monitored to make sure that they were thriving. As they grew, Stacie worked with each of the puppies, getting them accustomed to being handled, bathed, clipped, and prepared to go to their new homes. She started with early training, making training easy once our puppy came home with us. We couldn't be happier with our beautiful, healthy, happy Golden Retriever.     ~ L. Richmond   


When we were searching for a new golden puppy, health clearances were super important to us because we had lost our previous golden to an autoimmune disease. Sayler Farm goldens not only have full health clearances but are incredibly well socialized and a joy to bring into your home. Their commitment to using the puppy culture and the work they do with each and every one of the puppies made the transition into our home one of the easiest we have ever had. We are totally in love with our sweet 3-year-old Bailey and currently waiting (as patiently as possible) to add a second puppy to our family from their current litter. You can't go wrong with a Sayler Family golden!!     ~ C. Christensen


I searched high and low for well over a year for the calm temperament and darker coloring in a golden. I trusted Stacie immediately and my gut proves to be right! In fact lastnight at obedience class he was called “the lazy puppy” because instead of dragging me across the room like the other dogs learning to heel - I had to encourage him to keep up with me.     ~ G. Black

IMG_7054 2.HEIC

Sayler’s Golden Retrievers is the only place to find a beautiful, smart, loving golden. Stacie and her family spend countless hours with their puppies through puppy culture training and lovingly handling each puppy to ensure they thrive in their new homes. She also ensures the puppies are bred with highest degree of health scores before breeding.

I would be happy to provide a reference as needed.

Our Lexi girl who is loved so very much. She loves to go for walks especially at the beach and retrieving balls, frisbees, water chuckets. She loves kids of all ages and her favorite game is playing hide and seek with them.

~ D. Eaquinto 


Amazing! Our puppy Remi has such a great temperament and is the perfect family dog. My family and I couldn’t have gone through a better breeder! She genuinely cares about her own dogs and the puppies, giving them great vet care and early training. If you’re looking for a family pup, Sayler Farm is the best!

~ Savannah Ann

If anyone is looking for just the right dog for your family, you can’t go wrong with a “Sayler Pup”. Whether you got the “first pick” or the last pup left…’ll have the best pick for you! Having seen all 12, they are all just adorable! I can’t wait to bring home my pick…..little “Sitka”!     ~ Cheryl Horne

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