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Golden Retrievers

Golden Facts:

Temperament: Friendly, Devoted and Loyal

AKC Popularity: Ranked 3 out of 193 breeds

Life Expectancy: 10 -12 years

Weight: Males- 65 - 75 pounds, Females- 55 - 65 pounds

Height: Males- 23-24 inches, Female- 21.5 – 22. 5 inches

AKC Group: Sporting Group

General Appearance-

AKC describes the Golden Retriever as “A symmetrical, powerful, active dog, sound and well put together, not clumsy nor long in the leg, displaying a kindly expression and possessing a personality that is eager, alert and self-confident. Primarily a hunting dog, he should be shown in hard working condition. Overall appearance, balance, gait and purpose to be given more emphasis than any of his component parts. Faults-Any departure from the described ideal shall be considered faulty to the degree to which it interfereswith the breed’s purpose or is contrary to breed character”.

About the Golden Retriever-

The Golden Retriever is a medium sized, muscular dog that is well known for its famous golden coat that it is named after. Their heads are broad, with brown, intelligent eyes, short ears and a straight muzzle. The motion of the Golden Retriever is smooth and its powerful gait is described as having a “merry action” with a feathery tail. Even into adulthood they maintain their playful energetic approach to life. 

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