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Proud to raise quality, health tested dairy goats

Our Herd Health Results:

  • Negative CAE, CL, Johnes, Q-fever & Brucellosis tests in Oct. 2023

  • Our Nubian is G6S Normal by testing

  • Our Mini Nubian kids are G6S Normal by parentage  

Doelings start at $350

Bucklings (full registration) start at $300* 

Bucklings (wether and/or pack goat prospects) $175*

* Prices will depend on several factors that include the doe, pedigree, being polled, milk lines, milk stars etc.

   The above listed prices are only estimates. Contact us for specific kid prices.

A 50% deposit holds your kids until they are picked up. 

Purchasing a Goat Information

The best way to keep informed as to which goats we have available is to follow our Sayler Farm Facebook page. If you would like to be notified when we have kids available be sure to fill out our Goat Questionnaire.


We do not take deposits until our kids are born but are happy to add you to our waitlist and notify you when our kids have arrived. ​Once you have decided to purchase a goat from us we ask for a 50% deposit (after our kids are born) to reserve your kid until it is weaned or picked up. Checks may be accepted for deposits but NOT for final payment.

​Weaning Timeframe:

We dam raise all of our kids because we feel it gives them the best start and teaches them herd manners. If we know a family wants a bottle baby we will make every effort to teach the kid(s) to ask take a bottle. We will allow a kid who takes a bottle to go to an experienced goat raising family at 6-8 weeks old. In general, our goat kids are weaned at 10 weeks old. When your goat is ready to go to its new home, you'll come pick it up and pay the remainder of the purchase price. 


Please note, we accept final payment via cash at pick up. Checks may be accepted for deposits but NOT for final payment (goats do not leave our property without a final, cleared payment). If you wish to use a different payment method feel free to contact us to discuss. 


It is our preference that goats be picked up and transported by the buyer personally. Transport is extremely stressful for goats and we want to reduce their stress as much as possible. We charge an additional $20 (per goat) to transport to or meet up with a buyer within 1 hour of Walla Walla (Tri-Cities, Pendleton, Dayton etc.)  


Veterinary Exam:

If a buyer wants to have a kid/goat examined by a Veterinarian prior to pick-up we are happy to transport the kid to a Veterinarian for an exam. Buyer will be responsible for all fees associated with the veterinary health exam etc.


Our Veterinary Clinic is listed below. This is where we refer all of our buyers to make Health Exam appointments. 


     Associated Veterinary Medical Center

     208 Wildwood Walla Walla, WA 99362

     (509) 525-2502

What Our Goats Come With:

  • 2 doses of CD-T Vaccine (1st dose at 4 weeks / 2nd dose at 8 weeks

  • Tattooed, in both ears, with The Sayler Farm ADGA/MDGA or TMGR Herd ID (S3JF) and Individual Goat ID

  • 840 Scrapie compliant Microchip, available upon request, in either the tail web or base of right ear

  • Raised in a Biosecurre Herd that annually tests Negative for CL, CAE, Johnes, Q-Fever & Brucellosis (documentation can be provided)

  • ADGA, TMGR, and or MDGA registration application, depending on which breed, and ownership transfer paperwork

  • Disbudded (all dairy goats). Horns may be left on our Alpine Pack Goat Prospects if a despot is received in the first week after birth, prior to disbudding age. 

  • All of our kids will be introduced to collars and leashes and depending on how long they stay with us will begin learning to walk on a lead.

  • A folder with each goat's individual Health Record and 5-generation pedigree 

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