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DHI Milk Testing

Does Milk Testing seem super complicated and hard to understand?
Are you having trouble finding information on where to begin the process?

 This year we decided to dive in and do our first year of milk testing our does with the help of  a couple local breeders. We thought we would share what we learn along the way and hopefully it will make Milk Testing easier for others who want to begin with their herds. 

Begin by answering a couple questions:

What Type of Milk Test (Record Plan) is best for my herd?

How many does do I plan to test?


What Dairy Records Processing Center (DRPC) will I use?

WA State DHI works with a couple of DRPC:

Do I want to become a certified milk tester or do I know a tester who can come test my herd?


Where do I get a Herd Code?

What type of scale do I want to purchase and from where?

  • The scale must weigh to the tenths of a pound

  • DHIA has a list of Certified Scale Centers on their website


List of DHI approved scales

  • WA State DHIA allows you to purchase a scale on Amazon and have it sent   

      directly to DHIA


What are the milk, butterfat and protein requirements to earn a Milk Star?




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