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Hiking with Pack Goats
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Pack Goats


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We brought home our first future Pack Goat buckling "Snickers" (Nubian) in 2019. We were new to pack goats but really excited to began doing lots research and reading about hiking with goats.

We added 2 Alpine bucklings, Mr. Tumnus and Gandalf in the Spring 2020. For our buckling's health we wait to wether them until they are 12 months old, which also gives their magnificent horns a chance to grow more! We love our boy's gentle personalities, willingness to learn and please, and love for adventure!


In the Spring of 2021, we kept Gandalf and Ruth's buckling "Domino" (Alpine/Nubian) and in the Fall we also purchased

one of Gandalf's buckling's "Ratagast" (Alpine/Oberhausli). We currently have 5 Pack Goat wethers in our herd but often times Snickers will stay home when the guys go hiking. He is the only boy without horns and tends to be less energetic than the others. He also makes a great "Uncle" to all the little kids at home :)

Meet Our Boys!


"Landsong Mr. Tumnus"
Alpine wether ~ 3 years old


"Sayler 3J Snickers"
Nubian wether ~ 4 years old


Herd Leader

The Clown

Gandalf 2022.jpeg

"Landsong Gandalf the Grey"
Alpine wether ~ 3 years old

Trail Leader

O Place31 6_22.HEIC

"Mudcreekobers Ratagast Brown "
Alpine / Oberhasli wether ~ 2 years old


~ In Loving Memory ~


"Sayler 3J Domino Event "
Alpine / Nubian wether

March 16, 2021 ~ Nov. 7, 2023

       Each year we plan have 1 - 2 Alpine bucklings available for sale as future Pack Goats!

Our Alpines come from quality, strong and correct lines. They are eager to please, quick to learn and enjoyable to train. We have a clean herd that tests negative yearly for CL, CAE, Johnes, Q-Fever & Brucellosis.


       Our boys go home tattooed, microchipped (if requested) and vaccinated for CD-T. We dam raise our kids so they learn herd etiquette but also teach them to take a bottle so they are super friendly!

We require a deposit (50% of purchase price) to reserve a kid. We are happy to leave horns on our boys if we have a deposit placed before they are a week old. Please send us a message to learn more about our planned breedings and fill out an application.

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