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The Sayler Farm believes in 4-H's motto of "Learn By Doing" and we love sharing what we have learned about goats with others!  See below for services we offer with suggested prices (does not include small fee to cover gas which varies depending on your location). 


Send us a message if you have any questions!


Suggested Price:


Suggested Price:

DHI Milk Testing 

Everyone has their own opinion about disbudding and we respect your opinions. Here on our farm we have two herds of goats. Our horned Pack goats are kept separate from our disbudded Dairy goats for safety reasons.​

Disbudding needs to be done when the kid is very young, preferably under two weeks old. The ideal timeframe varies with each kid so they should be checked daily to ensure we disbud when the horn buds are just emerging.​ If the horn buds are too large we will recommend you contact your veterinarian for dehorning due to the increased risks.

Give us a call a few days ahead of time to give us a heads up that you have a kid that will need disbudding.

​We recommend if you are raising a future Pack Goat that you wait to wether him until he is at least 9-12 months of age. This helps in preventing Urinary Calculi due to banding too early, which stops the growth of the unary track in male goats. At this age we advise you have your goat surgically wethered by your veterinarian.

We also believe only the very best goats should be left in tact. If we sell a registered bucks we believe he will better his breed. Very rarely will we offer bucks for sale. 

Each person has their own beliefs and purpose for their herd. We want to respect and support yours!

This year is our second year on Milk Test for our does. It have enjoy receiving all the valuable information we get back about each doe's milk. 


DHI Milk Testing Programs are an excellent way to improve your herd along with showing and Linear Appraisal (LA). 

Stacie is a certified tested through Washington DHIA. Send us a message to ask us more about testing or if you are looking for a local DHI tester.

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